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The Island of Doctor Moreau
The Time Machine
World Brain
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Scholarly Editions of H.G. Wells' work by Barry Pomeroy

This project includes H. G. Wells' World Brain, The Time Machine, and The Island of Doctor Moreau. I plan for other work in the series, but I am turning back to more creative enterprises after I finish these three works.

My Scholarly Editions series is meant to assist the scholar who wants a more in-depth understanding of the primary texts. I have begun the series with three H. G. Wells books, to start. Each book will have a general introduction in which I trace not only Wells' relatively humble background but also the fortuitous accident which gave him his insight into the imaginative possibilities of books and which led to the three major periods of his artistic expression. At the end of each general introduction I provide a more in-depth evaluation of the text, focusing on its societal and critical reception. I include its publishing history and historical antecedents, depending on the book. The original text will also be heavily annotated, and will point the scholar to some research in the field that is relevant to the particular text as well as current scientific research which can inform their reading of the text.



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