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Book 1 - Locked in the Park
Book 2 - Lost in the Tunnels
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So far the Blind Fish Series is two books strong:

Blind Fish: Locked in the Park

The Bio Park is the ultimate playground. A fully functioning ecological system almost a mile underground--later converted to an amusement park--it took years to build and hundreds of millions to develop. Unfortunately, it is losing money, so Linked Corporation has decided to seal the thirty foot doors with thousands of tons of blasted earth until the park has accrued in value.

The closing party drew a huge crowd of sightseers, thrill seekers, and partiers, even at a thousand dollars a head, but, perhaps inevitably, the doors closed on a small group of unfortunate stragglers. Under these terrifying circumstances--a limited food supply, little shelter, and few tools--these strangers will have to learn to work together. To some, staying alive means escape by burrowing through tons of rock, if necessary. To others, it means building a home out of a biosphere-turned-theme park.

Complicating their attempt to survive is their growing suspicion that they are being watched. Does someone know they are inside the biosphere and if so, what plans do they have for the small group of settlers? Under the eyes of possibly malign voyeurs, their decisions are crucial, because buried under the earth, mistakes are not forgiven, and time is running out.

Blind Fish 2: Lost in the Tunnels

Book One of the Blind Fish Series follows the adventures of those who were trapped below ground when the Bio Park doors closed and blasted rock filled the empty tunnel to the surface. They rapidly rallied their skills, but most of them thought of their exile in terms of months and years rather than generations.

Book Two begins in the third year below ground, and tells the story of the Park’s children, who have begun to push against the limits of their tiny world. Their investigation of the mine is only the beginning, however, for their true exploration is intellectual. Not dependent on tedious grant proposals and the vicissitudes of funding agencies, their research begins to take them in directions that would horrify their cousins on the surface.

Marc tries to imprint the new generation with his urgency to break out of the Park, but even he is forced to acknowledge that their community is more successful than he would have dreamed. As they tinker with their machines and the building blocks of life, however, he worries that their success comes at a price.

Cut off from the above-ground resources as well as its ethical considerations, the children turn their gaze downward, but their willingness to hurdle obstacles terrifies Marc as well as his generation.

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