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The View from Vancouver

When Hillside Research offered him fifty dollars for his opinion, he allowed the drug testing company to sit him in a chair. That began his vengeful journey, as he discovered the depths to which they would go to protect their bottom line. His misplaced trust set him on the road to a cross-country revenge, led to his inadvertent fame in the downtown east side, and encouraged him to re-examine the city he called his home.

He initially imagined a confrontation with Hillside as thrown Molotov cocktails, but once he uncovered their more sinister plan, he began to suspect that mere vengeance would not satisfy him. Hatred and revenge were not enough, and he found himself re-evaluating his intentions.

In a Vancouver which hovers on the edge of riot and lockdown, where the police are incarcerating people on the basis of new quasi-legal claims of criminal activity like sitting in a public place, he has to decide between fight or flight. Should he confront those promoting human testing, rage and burn in a city where his violence will merely add to the growing chaos, or join the mass exodus of those leaving the city?

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