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Glooscap's Plan

Long ago Glooscap promised to return if his people were in need, but it was only when he learned of the destruction of the Atlantic Provinces that he made the journey back to the Minas Basin. There, learning about the mines and clear-cuts, the factory farms and failing fisheries, and woken by the Jackie Vautour standoff in Kouchibouguac Park, and inspired by the Burnt Church Rebellion, he has returned with a plan that will return the provinces to a prosperity they have not seen in over three hundred years.

With the help of the otter and the whale, the butterfly and the frog, as well as some Aboriginal people and even whites, he sets a series of events in motion that have implications that even he cannot predict.

Follow along on this story that outlines what could be a viable proposal to make the Maritimes the beautiful provinces they deserve to be.

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