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Going Back to Bangkok: A Return to South East Asia - 2011

Going Back to Bangkok tells the story of traveling with my girlfriend in South East Asia. In many ways it follows from the more than six months I spent in South East Asia five years earlier which I detail in How to Get to Bangkok. She and I traveled up and down the country of Thailand and into Laos, Cambodia, Burma, and went as far afield as Malaysia.

Like my earlier trip, I kept a record of that journey which in part details changes since I'd been there before, and also how much more I learned about the countries, myself, and what it was like to travel with someone else.

This journal begins with leaving Winnipeg for western Canada where we caught a belated flight to Bangkok, and then outlines the train north into the mountains and across the border into Laos where we floated down the Mekong River. From there we bus across the hinterland to a new border crossing, north for a jaunt into the mountains by motorcycle, and into Burma, and then south to Cambodia to explore Angkor Wat. From there we re-enter Thailand, travel south to cross into Burma and then Malaysia where we explore Penang and Georgetown before we made our reluctant way back to Bangkok and a flight home.

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