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Table of Contents
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How to Write an English Paper: Argue, Research, Format, and Edit

Table of Contents

The Purpose of an Academic English Paper
The Process of Writing the Paper
Paper Structure
Introducing a Paper: Two Different Formats

The Best Format for an English Paper
Thesis Statement Description
Detail Sentences
Topic Sentence
Transitional Sentence

The English Paper as a Formal Construct
The Descriptive Title Examples
Thesis Statement Examples
Body of the Paper: Bad Example
Conclusion: Bad Example
Sample Mouse Essay
Parsing the Question
Organizing your Thoughts
Making an Outline
Logic of Argument Order
Organizing the Paper
Example Essay: Mice in the Home

An Essay in the Form of Sentences

The Formal Academic English Paper
Parsing the question
Introducing a Paper: English Literature Academic Format
The Descriptive Title
Thesis Statement
Detail Sentences
Topic sentence
Using Quotes
Testing Quote Incorporation
Another Sample Paper for Incorporation of Quotes

Comparison Essay Structure
Bad Example of Comparison Outline
Better Example of Comparison Outline
The Literary Comparison Essay

The Purpose of Research
What is Academic Research?
How to Research an Academic Paper

Appendix 1: Other Forms of Assignments
The Formal Academic Review
A Response Paper
Formal Academic Journal
The English Exam
The Significance of the Quote
General Argumentative Essay
Exam Preparation Tips

Appendix 2: Editing Checklist
Common Errors
Microsoft Word's Grammar Check

Appendix 3: Formatting the Essay
Styles: MLA and APA
Correct Format for a Title Page MLA Style
Correct Format for a Title Page APA Style
MLA Style
Types of Quotes
The Use of Footnotes in MLA.
Correct Format for a Works Cited Page: MLA
APA Style
Types of Quotes
The Use of Footnotes in APA.
Correct Format for a References Page: APA

Appendix 4: How You are Graded
Marking Rubric
A General Guideline-the Meaning of Grades
Detailed Marking Rubric
Style and Grammar

Nuts and Bolts
Fake Transitions
To Quote or Paraphrase, That is the Question
Useful Literary Terms

Fun Exercises
Spam Examples
Twenty-Six Letters
Emphasis in English Sentences
Mixed up Letters: Orthography
The Chaos

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