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Scholarly Editions: H.G. Wells' World Brain - Annotated with an Introduction

Table of Contents


H. G. Wells: Early Life

Wells the Reader, or the Tale of Two Broken Legs

Intellectual and Artistic Life

Early Period

Middle Period

Late Period

About World Brain


The Implications of Technological Changes

The Chapters

Wikipedia as a World Encyclopedia

World Brain


1 - World Encyclopaedia

2 - The Brain Organization of the Modern World

3 - The Idea of a Permanent World Encyclopaedia

4 - Passage from a Speech to the Congrès Mondial de la Documentation Universelle, Paris August 20th, 1937

5 - The Informative Content of Education

Appendix 1 - Ruffled Teachers

Appendix 2 - Palestine in Proportion

Appendix 3 - The Fall in America, 1937

Appendix 4 - Transatlantic Misunderstandings

Appendix 5 - The English-speaking World: “As I See it”

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