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Table of Contents
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The Appearance of Solidity: Media and Culture in the Electric Age

Table of Contents

The Late and Early Days of the Internet

Print Medium

Writing is a Poor Person's Art

The Stars of the Herschels and the Books of our Library

I've Never Read a Book

Identifying Art

Textual Reality and the Phenomenological World

The Palimpsest of Culture

How We Write the Future by Writing our Past

The Resistance to Science Fiction in the Literary World

Fifty Shades and a Silo of the Publishing Industry

The Purpose of Writing

The Body Out of Control



The Telephone

Changes in the Communication Systems and the Hijacking of the Modern Conversation


The Shift from Print Medium to Radio

The Community of Early Radio Turned to the Solitary Pastime


History of the Medium

Killing Kids in Books and Film

Adoption Narratives in Film

The White Supremacist Film

Using Films as Exercises in the Classroom with Foreign Students


Sixty Years of Television: Class, Colour and Community

Wonderful World of Disney

Welcome to the Hollowdeck


Duplicaion and Delivery

Content Management and the Internet

Human Connectivity or Welcome to the Future

The Blooming of Creativity and the Crushing of Flowers

The Future of the Web: "Wonderful Page"

The Computer as a Consumer Unit

New Media and our Pornographic Future

Outsourcing our Memory

Wikipedia, or the World Encyclopedia

Conspiracy Theories and the Internet of Nonsense

A Shared Politics of Fear and Hate


Schadenfreude, Reality, and YouTube


How to Make Facebook Work for You

Prove How Smart You Are: Or, Are You Dumb Enough to Play?

Games and Gaming

Gaming Culture from an Outsider's Perspective

Go Pokémon Go

Gaming Grand Theft Auto

Cultural Inertia: the QWERTY Keyboard and the Standard Railway Gauge

Epilogue: the Good and Bad of Media

Works Cited and Bibliography

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