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Table of Contents
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The Slippery Signifier: Accidental Grammar and Inadvertent Mistakes

Table of Contents

Signification's Many Eros [Sic]

Linguistics, the Science of Semiotics

A Case Study: Broken Signification in Russell Hoban's Riddley Walker

Ramming Reluctant Words

Communication without Language

There, Their and They're: What Word Choice Says about the Chooser

Nouns Used as Verbs

Found Sentences: Misplacing People by Modifiers

Found Sentences: Long Hours for Low Pay

The High Today is Minus 8

Found Sentences: How the Earth is Like an Orange

Found Sentences: What is Bad for Society

Found Sentences: Our Past and Present Future

Found Sentences: A Response to the Signs

Found Sentences: Going Back to Green

Found Sentences: Earth is Like an Egg

Found Sentences: Fresh Water Tears

Racist Rob and Corrupt Politicians

Found Sentences: When Plagiarism Goes Wrong

The Return to Meaning

Examining a Plagiarism Advertisement

The Power and Downfall of Online Plagiarism Tools

Appendix I: Sentences Used in this Study

Appendix II: "Bushed" by Earle Birney

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