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Table of Contents
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Coming Home to Newfoundland, an Animal Deep-Ecology Novel

Table of Contents

Chapter One ~ Leaving New Zealand
Chapter Two ~ The Long Voyage

Chapter Three ~ Tasmania
Chapter Four ~ Australia
Chapter Five ~ The Tiwi Islands
Chapter Six ~ Timor Timor
Chapter Seven ~ Pulau Pantar, Flores, Komodo, Lombok, and Bali
Chapter Eight ~ Java and Sumatra
Chapter Nine ~ Malaysia
Chapter Ten ~ Thailand
Chapter Eleven ~ Myanmar
Chapter Twelve ~ Bangladesh
Chapter Thirteen ~ Nepal
Chapter Fourteen ~ Tibet
Chapter Fifteen ~ Pakistan
Chapter Sixteen ~ Afghanistan
Chapter Seventeen ~ Turkmenistan
Chapter Eighteen ~ Kazakhstan
Chapter Nineteen ~ Russia
Chapter Twenty ~ Ukraine
Chapter Twenty-one ~ Hungary
Chapter Twenty-Two ~ Austria
Chapter Twenty-Three ~ Germany
Chapter Twenty-Four ~ England
Chapter Twenty-Five ~ Scotland
Chapter Twenty-Six ~ Orkney Islands
Chapter Twenty-Seven ~ Fair Isle
Chapter Twenty-Eight ~ Shetland Islands
Chapter Twenty-Nine ~ The Faroes
Chapter Thirty ~ Iceland
Chapter Thirty-One ~ Greenland
Chapter Thirty-Two ~ Labrador
Chapter Thirty-Three ~ Home in Newfoundland

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