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Naked in the Road

Chapter One ~ I waited until late at night
Chapter Two ~ My feet were sore as hell
Chapter Three ~ Wrapping my slivers of glass in the fold of my blanket
Chapter Four ~ I could have woken to the cold dawn
Chapter Five ~ Turning my face from the road
Chapter Six ~ When I woke the world had changed little
Chapter Seven ~ I woke the next morning early
Chapter Eight ~ Taking my walking stick
Chapter Nine ~ At first it seemed as though I was drowning
Chapter Ten ~ I must have slept well the entire night
Chapter Eleven ~ When I walked up the slight slope to my shelter
Chapter Twelve ~ The night was still and dark when I woke
Chapter Thirteen ~ The scrabbling of an insect on my thigh
Chapter Fourteen ~ It was a relief to step away
Chapter Fifteen ~ I began by lifting the large pieces of wallpaper
Chapter Sixteen ~ I was by the creek washing my new belt
Chapter Seventeen ~ My shoes deteriorated even more on the road
Chapter Eighteen ~ When I left I went in the opposite direction
Chapter Nineteen ~ The sky was grey when I awoke panting
Chapter Twenty ~ Once outside I found it was later than I thought
Chapter Twenty-One ~ Other than that day when I retraced my path
Chapter Twenty-Two ~ I had now come to that moment of decision
Chapter Twenty-Three ~ I was some miles downstream and the forest
Chapter Twenty-Four ~ Continuing downstream I stalwartly kept my eyes
Chapter Twenty-Five ~ I had come to a kind of home
Chapter Twenty-Six ~ I lived in that robust surround for some days
Chapter Twenty-Seven ~ By midmorning the raft had became subject
Chapter Twenty-Eight ~ When I stepped out onto the strange level hardness
Chapter Twenty-Nine ~ I felt the splash upon my face before
Chapter Thirty ~ When the sun was almost below the hills
Chapter Thirty-One ~ The river was starting to broaden now
Chapter Thirty-Two ~ I spent that long day watching the river widen
Chapter Thirty-Three ~ I drank from my bottle and ate my remaining bread
Chapter Thirty-Four ~ On the walk home, with my new VCR
Chapter Thirty-Five ~ When I arrived back at my building
Chapter Thirty-Six ~ The stereos were just starting to throb
Chapter Thirty-Seven ~ I dropped back at Tantramar on my way home
Chapter Thirty-Eight ~ My friend was in the computer lab pounding away
Chapter Thirty-Nine ~ I only made a brief stop at my house
Chapter Forty ~ When I finished that endless process
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