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Table of Contents
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The First Colonist on Mars: Courtesy of the Mars Historical Society

Table of Contents

Jack Errores' Official Profile, courtesy of NASA Digital Records

November 26, 2016 ~ The Departure
November 27 ~ Preparing the Ship for Gravity
November 28 ~ Passing the Moon
November 29 ~ Artificial Gravity
November 30 ~ Spinning the Habitats
December 2 ~ Gravity
December 5 ~ Mars before the Viking Landers
December 7 ~ The Literature of Mars
December 12 ~ Old Versions of Mars
December 17 ~ Slipping into Depression?
December 20 ~ Floating in Space
December 24 ~ Finding Control over My Life
December 25 ~ A Christmas like any Other Day
December 29 ~ Human Contact
December 30 ~ Is Earth Round?
January 2 ~ Death by Microbes
January 3 ~ Drifting Without Power
January 6 ~ Disasters at Home
January 11 ~ Be Careful What You Wish For
January 26 ~ The Struggle to Survive
February 3 ~ Mars of the Twentieth Century
February 7 ~ Attack of the Martian Onion
February 11 ~ Valentine's Day and War with Mars
February 17 ~ Bradbury's Mars
February 24 ~ Reading about Mars
February 26 ~ The Parochial Period
February 29 ~ Waste in Vacuum
March 4 ~ Castaway
March 8 ~ The Space Agency's Achievements
March 14 ~ Mars as a Dead Planet
March 21 ~ The Person in the Story
March 27 ~ Terraforming Mars
April 1 ~ A Biosphere
April 15 ~ How to Live on Mars
April 19 ~ Mars as Desert Preserve
April 24 ~ Landing in Two Days
April 26 ~ Four Thousand Kilometers from Mars
April 27 ~ Landed at Valles Marineris
April 27 ~ Testing the Compressors and Examining the Ship
April 28 ~ Guiding in the Ship
April 29 ~ Unloading the Drone
May 2 ~ Solar Power
May ~ Converting the Ship to a Greenhouse
The Snail's Shell
Building from Local Materials
June ~ Sick on Dust
Water, Water Everywhere
Not a Drop to Drink
Laying the Foundation
The Walk to the Canyon Wall
Dry Mars
Air on Mars
Dreaming about Terraforming Mars
Planting on Mars
Hole in the Ground
The Desert Hides Water in a Hole
Terraforming Above and Digging Below
Back to Work on Meteorological and Geological Investigation
I'm Still Alive
The Garden
The Crater
A Woman in the Distance
A Life without Goats
Fungi in the Night Soil
Crater Metal
Bringing Von Neumann to Life
I Had a Dream
Natural Food
No Dead on Mars
H1N1 Swine Flu H!N!
The Frenzy of the Night
The Long Trip Back
Lost on the Surface
Going Underground
Waking Next to Fire
The Cave
Back Home in the Garden of Death
A Form of Life
Sand, Sticks, and Mucous
Ants as Giants
Forced Evolution
No Anniversary Arrival
My Hidden Project
Life in a Lava Tube
Genesis Stalled
Dying in Droves
Coping by Running Away
Thinking about Mould
Training my Heirs
My Inspiration
My Failing Distraction
Writing my Successors
A Hero and Traitor to Millions
While I Was Whining a Comet Was Coming
Planting Seeds

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