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Against Our Better Nature: Why Good People Do Bad Things

The Difficulty of Moral Choices
Freud, Id, and Split Brain Epilepsy
A Great By-Law Officer
He Never Introduces Me
Parable of the Talents
A Good Friend
Filling the Tank
Not a Commandment
The Immorality of Canadians
I Am so Sorry
I Hug Contract People
A Joke on Me
Only a Cup of Coffee
A Response to the Signs
No One Is as Vegetarian as Me
Becoming a Non-Vegetarian
A Medal for Running
Meerna's Love
The Prostitute Dilemma
Life Beyond the Fence
Having Pinkeye
The Odd Remark
To Fortify the Heart
The War over the Couch
Colleen and the Church Lady
Man Hours
Twins Separated at Birth
Thinking of Others
Disability Tax Evasion
Id below and Superego above


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