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Pull that halo down around your ears
the world is getting chill
put ten bucks the pocket of your jeans
getting the hell out of here

Tell your brother I thought as much
when I seen him come to town
Blind as Christ, as blind as lust
a cane knife in his hand

Buy some silver for your wedding hand
case you're washed up on the shore
stuff your pack or your duffel bag
leave your keys in the door

Hook your shoulder into your coat
wipe your face on the sleeve
you're as useless every line I wrote
useful as a dream

Call a friend from the donut shop
on the highway in the rain
the cops can't help but hear you talk
tell them your mother was insane

Close your eyes against the winter wind
just to rest for a while
think I'll sleep till Christmas
I'll sleep here till the fall

Flap through the midnight sky
too weak to scare a crow
you wrote a cane knife into his hands
you wrote yourself into this hole

Better write yourself into your bed
and safely back at home
there's someone from far away
listens the ringing of the phone

Drive a thousand miles away
kiss her shoulders and her back
forget you ever came this way
forget you're ever coming back

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