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The Time Traveller
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The Time Traveller (Homage to H. G. Wells)

He said he looked but cheerlessly
upon the future of us all.
I listened as he told me
this and even more.

You're welcome to call them stories
fantasies or lies,
or take them as a prophesy
the result of our lives.

The animals and the doctor,
the traveller and the girl,
the man he called invisible,
the rotten offspring of this world.

The traveller said "I've been wandering
up and down the streams of time
but I can't say I've learned anything
or memorized a single line.

I'm sure that many will be witness
to the flirtation with the girl,
or the description of the statue
that hides a darkness in this world.

It is with pity and with pathos
that I think upon what I've seen,
a cannibal ape with a mouth full of meat
some human twisting of the gene.

This foolish heaping of litter and trash
we call society and thought,
I can not even begin to enumerate
the cracks and weaknesses it's got.

We're not something I have confidence in
for all our supposed good intent,
this system will crumble and decay
this wasteful tomb and monument."

The doctor on his island
confused with vision and with sight,
hears patiently the screaming
reaches once more for the knife.

He said "it's not longevity
I wish to discover in this blood,
don't think I'm being petty,
but we've come nowhere since the flood.

Science holds the answer
I'm sure you'll be convinced,
I'll check my notes for what I've been striving for,
I'm sure that it makes sense."

Another one was invisible
had his own likes and dislikes,
late nights in the workshop,
a definite goal in sight.

He said "I've discovered a method,
you'd be wise to follow me,
this way leads to freedom,
leads to immortality.

Fill the spaces between the atoms
that block out all the light,
the result is invisibility,
I'm indifferent to your sight.

Follow me I can do anything
not a chance of being seen,
subject to no one's judgment
the world waits like a lamb for me."

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