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I have started a few more projects when I should be finishing those that are nearing completion. This list exists partially to motivate me, but is also meant to explain how far I have to go.

I am editing a novel I began a few months ago called No Lions Anymore: Portraits of a Life. It is meant to tell a story of a man who is irrevocably a middle-class city dweller. His comforts and discomforts, his stresses and concerns.

I have started another novel which aims to tell the story of a small mountain town which has received word of a comet. A Hairy and Fiery Star is still in process.

Oddly, I am working on a cookbook, which I have tentatively titled, The Nobody has Died Cookbook. I have been collecting recipes for a few years and I am finally compiling them into a vegan cookbook.

Another project which is quite different than either a novel or an academic critical work, is a book which allows me to describe the pedagogical insight I have learned working with foreign students. I have tentatively titled it Teaching International Students.

I have been writing a series of essays about Covid-19 and the media, as well as the public reaction to the virus' spread. Although that book is still in its early days, I am working on it between my other projects.

I have recently split a collection of essays about writing into two books. Perhaps it was getting too close to being finished and I needed to procrastinate. I have one collection which talks about creative projects, writing, editing, and publishing, and The Slippery Signifier: Accidental Grammar and Inadvertent Mistakes collects the various essays I have written about found sentences.

One of my latest projects is Beringia: The Discovery of Two Continents. In this novel I tell the story of a father who runs out of bedtime stories to placate his daughter. Night time is the worst since her mother left, so he distracts her by telling a history of their ancestors and how they crossed the land bridge and found North and South America. I plan for the novel to cover the entire settlement of the Americas as well as give a précis of the archaeological marvels that are found there. As well, since the story is meant to encourage a girl to sleep, the tale of indigenous people's arrival and settlement is told in the broad strokes of grand adventure and awe-inspiring journeying.

I have been working on a collection of stories about Canada, in which I hope to build a narrative about specific cities and regions in the country. I expect Rain in the Cultural Desert will be a year or two in the writing.

Historiography and the Corrupted Archive: The Postmodern Text, Fact and Confabulation is more of an academic work based on a talk that I gave, and undertakes to investigate and metaphorically figure how history, or a story, can be told when the archive has been deliberately corrupted or neglected for political purpose. This will likely be a longer project, and I am barely fifty pages into it. You can expect to hear more about it in a year or two.

I am still thinking about my book length explication of Jacques Lacan's enigmatic and evocative theory about the writteness of the self in my Jacques Lacan and Subjectivity.

I have also started a guide to designing an off-grid solar power system. That book is research and graphic heavy and will no doubt take longer to put together.

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