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I have started a few more projects when I should be finishing those that are nearing completion. This list exists partially to motivate me, but is also meant to explain how far I have to go.

The first three volumes in the series using Tom Waits songs as an inspiration are done. The project is meant to loosely capture something about Tom Waits' songs as they were produced. I do not intend Wasted and Wounded, Innocent When you Dream and A Junkman's Choir to retell the songs, but rather I use them to riff on a larger story I see as struggling to free itself from the shorter and possibly more limited form. I am now working on the draft of the last volume of the set, The Last Leaf on the Tree.

I have interrupted the work on other projects to return to a trip to the Cook Islands and Fiji in 1991. I thought I had long since forgotten the events of that far off time, but as I thought more about it, I recovered much more from that seminal trip than I would have thought possible.

I am nearly finished the first draft of a text meant to be used by students to interpret various literary strategies authors choose when writing fiction. I expect that draft to be done by spring, and then I can begin some serious work on the project.

I am working on a first draft of The Founding of Planeville a magic realist novel which follows the settlers in a small village in New Brunswick after the Miramichi fire of 1825. Work on this has slowed, although I know how to write about the village's demise now.

As well, I have began piecing together two texts I have worked on for a few years now that I have realized how the projects were already leaning toward one another. Evidence as Communication is an attempt to examine the essential and perhaps antithetical differences between religious and scientific thinking. I expect to have it done by spring.

One of my latest projects is Beringia: The Discovery of Two Continents. In this novel I tell the story of a father who runs out of bedtime stories to placate his daughter. Night time is the worst since her mother left, so he distracts her by telling a history of their ancestors and how they crossed the land bridge and found North and South America. I plan for the novel to cover the entire settlement of the Americas as well as give a précis of the archaeological marvels that are found there. As well, since the story is meant to encourage a girl to sleep, the tale of indigenous people's arrival and settlement is told in the broad strokes of grand adventure and awe-inspiring journeying.

I have started another novel, I think it will be. For now The View from Vancouver tells the story of a homeless man who has been experimented upon and the steps he takes to get revenge, and incidentally ensure the same is not done to another.

I have been working on a collection of stories about Canada, in which I hope to build a narrative about specific cities and regions in the country. I expect Rain in the Cultural Desert will be a year or two in the writing.

I have begun another project which is quite different than either a novel or an academic critical work. I have begun a book which allows me to describe the pedagogical insight I have learned working with foreign students. I have tentatively titled it The Challenges and Delights of Teaching English Literature to Foreign Students. I have taken a break from that project as I finish my other works.

Historiography and the Corrupted Archive: The Postmodern Text, Fact and Confabulation is more of an academic work based on a talk that I gave, and undertakes to investigate and metaphorically figure how history, or a story, can be told when the archive has been deliberately corrupted or neglected for political purpose. This will likely be a longer project, and I am barely fifty pages into it. You can expect to hear more about it in a year.

I am still working on my book length explication of Jacques Lacan's enigmatic and evocative theory about the writteness of the self in my Jacques Lacan and Subjectivity, although the progress has slowed to a molasses flood in January.

I have stalled since the summer on Marred, my novel set on Mars that details the exploits of colonists who have been abandoned by Earth, but I hope to return to that when I have a moment. Like my work on The Coffin Ships, I plan to get back to the project as soon as some of these other books are finished.

I have also started a guide to designing an off-grid solar power system. That book is research and graphic heavy and will no doubt take longer to put together.

I am hoping to have a decent draft of the final book in the Blind Fish Series soon, but I will have to keep you posted about that.

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