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Cyclone Martin and Manihiki

Periodically, and tonight was one of those times, I search online for the survivors of the 1997 Cyclone Martin which devastated Manihiki. I lived in Manihiki in 1991 and I have thought about the people there many times over the … Continue reading

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Outsourcing our Memory

I’ve been editing some journals lately and I am often struck by how little I remember about events that theoretically happened in my own life. I wonder at my own reports of meeting what sound like wonderful people and having … Continue reading

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The Khoisan People and their History

It seems incredible to me that we have an ancient lineage of people existing today. That means that while the rest of the world was happily breeding with whomever, the Khoisan went their own way. In order to find a … Continue reading

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The Stars of the Herschels and the Books of our Library

I was thinking of Caroline and William Herschel tonight, counting the many thousands of visible stars, not once being daunted by the enormous task. For most people in the cities, who only hear about the stars by report, or see … Continue reading

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