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Pit Bull Defenses

One of the most polarized issues between pet owners, other than dogs are better than cats and whether you should keep mammal eating snakes around children, is the positive evaluation of pit bulls by dog lovers. Like all emotional arguments, … Continue reading

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A Shared Politics of Fear and Hate

Although Canadians have little actual stake in the American election, there is much shared sentiment on both sides of the border. Following the lead of the American media, many Canadians declare themselves to be supporters of one candidate or another, … Continue reading

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To Build a Fire

In the public imagination, the skill of building a fire lies somewhere between the virtuosity of some online people (We can think of the man from the Primitive Technology channel) with their bow and drill, Jack London’s famous story (“To … Continue reading

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Living in Cities and Hiding in a Box

Increasingly we gather in cities. All around the globe the movement is toward the urban areas, and here in the west, just outside the principal urban areas, into the suburbs. The glitz and excitement of the city is not experienced … Continue reading

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Hostile Architecture

I recently read an article about hostile architecture and began to wonder about my own city. I’d noticed the trend before in Winnipeg but foolishly, although I should have known better, I hadn’t viewed it as a movement. As our … Continue reading

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