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Fifty Shades and a Silo of the Publishing Industry

The so-called vanity press has changed little in the public imagination until very recently. Traditionally, paying to have your book published was seen as synonymous with junk novels and sentimental and self-indulgent poetry. The only route to acceptance by the … Continue reading

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How We Write the Future

Whenever I think of writing about the future, I always remember those early writers of science fiction beginning in the forties and extending into the seventies, Heinlein and Asimov among them, who thought we’d be smoking in spacesuits, and that … Continue reading

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What Meat Means to Argentinians

Most of the people I met in Argentina were by times bemused and horrified that I was a vegetarian. It proved to be a challenge and I think, although she was very graceful about it, a bother for the mother … Continue reading

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