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Working in the Bush

I was asleep by eleven last night and dreamt of people I won’t be seeing for a while. This morning I lay in bed and then got up to start a fire. Soon I was warm and setting up the … Continue reading

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The Righting of a Hollow Tree

I had a dream a few nights ago that I was standing before a huge fallen tree, some sixteen metres in width and hollow, with a bemused expression on my face. In my dream I was wondering how I could … Continue reading

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In the Cabin

The flight to the land really begins with my last day in town. I had to input some grades and then a number of people wanted to see me, so I organized Jackie just after I dealt with my grades … Continue reading

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Science Fiction and the Literary World

In her condemnation of contemporary novels, Linda Miller’s “How Novels Came to Terms with the Internet,” makes several arguments that many novelists—actually she argues all novelists worthy of the name—avoid the implications of the internet in their work by confining … Continue reading

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