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Partridge in the Fall

When I was in my teens and traveling on the school bus in the mornings, I would often sit across from my friend Bruce. We were both farm children and thus had lots of chores to finish every night, but … Continue reading

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Checking Your Delusions

The method for checking our many delusions—that the Harry Potter letter is going to arrive for us any moment, that god is carefully listening to my prayers about the cancer He gave my mother, that the earth is flat, the … Continue reading

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Cultural Inertia: the QWERTY Keyboard and the Standard Railway Gauge

Two human traits stifle technological innovation. One of them is our innate suspicion of change, and we can see how that would have worked to our advantage historically, and the other is the slightly more complicated cultural and by times … Continue reading

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Political Action and Inaction

When the phrase political action is bandied around it sends most people running for the television news rather than the dictionary. Most believe they know what political action entails, and they occasionally engage in it themselves, by standing outside buildings … Continue reading

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Anecdotal Evidence and Climate Change

I was talking about anecdotal evidence tonight, such as you hear if you bring up global climate change in January in the northern climes: “Global Warming!? I don’t see any warming around here.” Likewise, I have heard that a ninety … Continue reading

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