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A Shared Politics of Fear and Hate

Although Canadians have little actual stake in the American election, there is much shared sentiment on both sides of the border. Following the lead of the American media, many Canadians declare themselves to be supporters of one candidate or another, … Continue reading

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Donald Trump and the Conspiracy of Nonsense

The internet is so effective at the promulgation of conspiracy theories we almost think it might have been made for that purpose. Marshall McLuhan suggests that each of our technologies simply extend our own abilities, just as a spear extends … Continue reading

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Marching Against Bill C-51

I don’t think it’s a secret that Canada is shifting into something other than what most of us expected. We always touted Canada as a country that was less warlike than the US, the neighbour we most like to compare … Continue reading

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News From Beyond the Cabin

I was up late last night, listening to some music on my mp3 player and feeding the fire. It was chilly by comparison, and when I checked the water barrel I have outside, it had a centimeter of ice on … Continue reading

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Anecdotal Evidence and Climate Change

I was talking about anecdotal evidence tonight, such as you hear if you bring up global climate change in January in the northern climes: “Global Warming!? I don’t see any warming around here.” Likewise, I have heard that a ninety … Continue reading

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The Practice of Blogging

The purpose of blogging right now, in Canada at least, is to inform the public about a certain radio announcer. My colleagues out there in the blogosphere are debating the various truths or untruths of media statements and many of … Continue reading

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