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I Don’t Need to Change, I Need to Change the World Around Me

Although modern urban societies promote tolerance for the most part, there is a vocal minority who insist that they are entitled to more tolerance than others. Those of us who have read George Orwell’s Animal Farm recognize this logic. We … Continue reading

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Throw Your Vote Away: The Simpsons on Electioneering

One of the most poignant statements about our political system in the west was the election speeches of Kang and Kodos as Bob Dole and Bill Clinton running for president in a Simpsons episode from twenty years ago. When Homer … Continue reading

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A Shared Politics of Fear and Hate

Although Canadians have little actual stake in the American election, there is much shared sentiment on both sides of the border. Following the lead of the American media, many Canadians declare themselves to be supporters of one candidate or another, … Continue reading

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Hostile Architecture

I recently read an article about hostile architecture and began to wonder about my own city. I’d noticed the trend before in Winnipeg but foolishly, although I should have known better, I hadn’t viewed it as a movement. As our … Continue reading

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Political Action and Inaction

When the phrase political action is bandied around it sends most people running for the television news rather than the dictionary. Most believe they know what political action entails, and they occasionally engage in it themselves, by standing outside buildings … Continue reading

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Generalizations about Politics

Typically, we are told to avoid generalizations. I even caution my students against this most facile of errors. When we examine this directive closely, however, we can see that while we commonly generalize about other animals we are scolded when … Continue reading

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