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Content Management and the Internet

In prehistory the production of goods was done by hand and the potential purchaser had an item they could examine and then buy. The item was a chipped rock and the purchase was made with promise, threat, or exchange of … Continue reading

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The Gutting of the Community

Osborne Village was once a thriving community, but now the edges are being nibbled by big box stores and franchises. Of the coffee shops at the corner of Osborne and River none are locally owned and operated. That is a … Continue reading

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Marching Against Bill C-51

I don’t think it’s a secret that Canada is shifting into something other than what most of us expected. We always touted Canada as a country that was less warlike than the US, the neighbour we most like to compare … Continue reading

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Seeing Ghosts, or the Old Man in the Barn

Once I told Darryl, a pompous Queens University student about the old man in the barn, my favourite story about the nature of reality. Darryl already knew how reality worked, so he was the perfect victim. I told him of … Continue reading

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