Family Time in New Brunswick

I got up and prepared for the grocery trip to Woodstock and, as it turned out a shopping day with Kim and Katie and Erin, and then helped Dennis install the belt on his van when I got back. When that was finished, we left in the van to come to the land where he helped me with my labourious process of garbage-bagging my feet and crossing the stream and changing on the other side.

We made plans that they will come and get my on Christmas eve day, but a heavy rain storm is apparently coming in and if I leave then I may not be able to get back. If that is the case, I guess I should take what I can. Or, as Dennis and I discussed, I should set up some way to cross the stream like a zip line. I’ve put some thought into it and it should be possible, if tricky. It might be time to try that though, so I can come and go as I please.

I am in the cabin now after my arduous climb up the hill, and it has warmed. I am tired from the five hours of sleep, but I may take a nap so I can work later. It was nice to see the family, and do something with each girl. I have different but special relationships with each of them, and they give coming to New Brunswick a kind of homecoming.

About Barry Pomeroy

I had an English teacher in high school many years ago who talked about writing as something that people do, rather than something that died with Shakespeare. I began writing soon after, maudlin poetry followed by short prose pieces, but finally, after years of academic training, I learned something about the magic of the manipulated word.
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