The Practice of Blogging

The purpose of blogging right now, in Canada at least, is to inform the public about a certain radio announcer. My colleagues out there in the blogosphere are debating the various truths or untruths of media statements and many of them are pointing to systematic problems in the Canadian justice system and the old boys network that would allow such abuses of power to happen. I am scarcely an expert; I didn’t even listen to the show although I am a fan of CBC. I think we can trust public dialogue to address, in some fashion at least, why crimes are so difficult to report and why someone holding power has such . . . power.

If I were to take on, or at least mention the events of today, I might be inclined to focus more on Kinder Morgan’s slapping down those protestors in British Columbia who are apprehensive about a pipeline in a park. I might also be concerned that space flight has likely been delayed due to ever stringent safety concerns, given the crash of Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo and Orbital Sciences’ Antares rocket in just the last few days. Our CBC broadcaster is being dealt with, both by rumour and law, but corporations are running amok, as we see in Richard Berman’s rousing defame-the-activists speech and the hijacking of our legal process in British Columbia, and we left the moon over forty years ago and ever since then we have only gone back and forth in truncated planes. The resources of the solar system are right there, in plain sight, but we cannot seem to climb out of the well of our prurient interest, and our short-sighted economic view long enough to make use of such wealth. All the starving millions want is food, and room to breed once food is attended to, and out there in the universe, if we are to believe Philip Metzger, a senior research physicist at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, there is potential for both.

As you see, there are a thousand stories in the world calling out for our attention at any given time, but I am going to tell my own, merely.

About Barry Pomeroy

I had an English teacher in high school many years ago who talked about writing as something that people do, rather than something that died with Shakespeare. I began writing soon after, maudlin poetry followed by short prose pieces, but finally, after years of academic training, I learned something about the magic of the manipulated word.
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