Moose Curiosity and Alice

I woke early this morning and lay for a long time wishing for sleep. Finally I got up and set the computer on charge with the inverter even before the sun supplied any more than twenty watts. Then I went back to bed and had a dream about being barely prepared for class. I guess I’m thinking about teaching in the fall.

After breakfast, I put a back on the new inverter and then set up the chainsaw and cut a few more trees and rescued the last log left from the work I’d done on the winter deadfall. Then I cut some bushes and when that grew tedious, some wood from the log remainder as well as a dead cedar stump which also fell in the winter. While I was running around with the cables and chainsaw, I saw tracks where OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAa moose had been right behind the cabin. The tracks are fairly fresh, but I couldn’t tell if they were a day, or a few days old. Too bad I wasn’t home or awake to see the moose.

Once I’d cut enough to satisfy me, I came inside and took advantage of the brief sun to take a shower. Lately I’ve been thinking about more ways to insulate the main part of the cabin, so I took the screen off one of the windows that leads to the porch, and made a lip around it that closes tightly against the window frame. Then I re-attached the screen.

After that job was done, I set down to get some work done on Naked in the Road. It is tedious to work on in some ways, but I persevered and it was nearly dusk by the time I finished the section I’d read through last night.

One of my zucchinis was ready to pick, so I picked it and built a fire to fry zucchini, tofu sausage, onion and garlic. After it as cooked, I put basic and oregano on it from my plants in the greenhouse. It felt as though I were living more off my garden, if only for a little bit.

After my meal was done, I ate it as I watched Alice in den Städten, since it had been cut off last night. I started it at the part where the adoption narrative begins, and watched most of it again. I am thinking about writing about these adoption narratives; I certainly have lots of them in my head.

About Barry Pomeroy

I had an English teacher in high school many years ago who talked about writing as something that people do, rather than something that died with Shakespeare. I began writing soon after, maudlin poetry followed by short prose pieces, but finally, after years of academic training, I learned something about the magic of the manipulated word.
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