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Tolerance, Ethics and Conjoined Twins

On CBC radio’s The Current this morning, Anna Maria Tremonti interviewed a doctor who was responsible for the multiple surgeries that separated conjoined twins at MassGeneral Hospital for Children in Boston. The story was mostly concerned with the ethical implications … Continue reading

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I Don’t Need to Change, I Need to Change the World Around Me

Although modern urban societies promote tolerance for the most part, there is a vocal minority who insist that they are entitled to more tolerance than others. Those of us who have read George Orwell’s Animal Farm recognize this logic. We … Continue reading

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Proof of Alien Life, or at Least of Human Silliness

There has been a lot of excitement lately, in scientific circles at least, about the star that experiences periodic and unexplainable dimming. Conjecture about the causes of the phenomena range as widely as the people who are doing the dreaming … Continue reading

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Gaming the Luck System

Many people believe in luck, and at nearly any moment you can see them jumping across raging torrents or betting in cascinos. What they believe in is difficult to define. Some, certainly, believe that they have some integral luckily component … Continue reading

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Dean Koontz’s Innocence

Dean Koontz’s Innocence likely deserves or at least should be subject to, a mention of some kind. It was so vividly told, and with such evocative imagery, that I expected more from it than a hackneyed Eden story. The magic … Continue reading

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The Palimpsest that is Our Lives

I was listening to the radio today before I got out of bed and it was one of those days of poor reception. I was tuned to CBC in the foreground of the transmission, while in the background, for all … Continue reading

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When I was a child my foster father Cecil used to tell stories of forerunners. These were stories in which a local person would see some image of the near future. For instance, old Tyler Roach who complained to his … Continue reading

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