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Cascino Family Christmas

I’d been visiting Silvio’s family in Argentina for a month by the time we drove to the mountains to visit his cousin. His cousin was renowned for her avarice and unmannered lack of civility, and so when Christmas Eve approached, … Continue reading

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Back in the Cabin

On the third day with not enough sleep, I was looking forward to getting back to the cabin, although I wasn’t overjoyed about fording the creek. As it turned out, we got underway late, spent some time with Dennis’ parents, … Continue reading

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Christmas with the Family

It had rained heavy in the night before Christmas so the snow was nearly gone when I got up at 9am. We hung out through the day and watched the kids open presents and then chatted while the two sets … Continue reading

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News From Beyond the Cabin

I was up late last night, listening to some music on my mp3 player and feeding the fire. It was chilly by comparison, and when I checked the water barrel I have outside, it had a centimeter of ice on … Continue reading

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