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The Dream of the Found Object

When I told my friend that I have a recurring dream in which I find stuff, she found it endlessly funny. In the dream, I am usually in a rush to go somewhere, and that rush has an extra push … Continue reading

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Avicii’s “Wake Me Up”: Or, Save Me from the Dirty Poor

Although I usually have little to say about the fripperies and pomp of pop music, once I watched Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” I was infuriated by its rather simplistic and classist portrayal. “Wake Me Up” is likely meant to tell … Continue reading

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Generalizations about Politics

Typically, we are told to avoid generalizations. I even caution my students against this most facile of errors. When we examine this directive closely, however, we can see that while we commonly generalize about other animals we are scolded when … Continue reading

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